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{Lorraine Harris}

We come from different cultures and ethnicities.

We don’t all look alike; think alike or feel the same things at the same time.

We are unique, each having our own purpose.

                                                           -Lorraine Harris

Machado Photography recently had a request to do a shoot with Juno nominated gospel singer Lorraine Harris; she was looking for some photos for her new website and for her latest CD, Confess.How could I pass up an opportunity like that?! Not only was it a chance to work with a renowned singer but I also got a free concert out of the deal!

Lorraine selected 2 churches in Cambridge for the session and we planned for both indoor and outdoor backdrops. She arrived well-prepared with her beautiful outfit selections; a couple of great “casual” looks, some gorgeous vintage inspired outfits and something warm and cozy for the wintery outdoor photos. I’m impressed by a woman who knows what she likes and what works for her! All of her looks were so uniquely different and all were perfect for a photo shoot.

Lorraine also brought along her husband Michael who enjoyed watching Lorraine in action!

We had hoped to do a fair bit of outdoor photography, with the churches chosen in part because of the stone facades and architecture, but as everyone around here knows, it has been a ridiculously cold winter! Lorraine was a brave lady and even though the frigid air chased us back inside pretty quickly, we did get some fabulous outdoor photos. You can’t even tell that we were all numb with frostbite! We’re both artists who are willing to suffer for our art!

Fortunately, we had plenty of diverse backdrops inside of the church. I really liked the black board background; the words “Jesus is…” were written in huge letters and the people of the congregation covered the board with words about what Jesus meant to them. It was just so fitting for a gospel singer to have this huge, unique, heartfelt message board in her photos. We had some balloons and we continued the “Jesus is” idea with those…and there were lots of kids around who wanted those balloons when we were done!

Congratulations to Lorraine Harris on the the release of her new album! Thanks for inviting Machado Photography to be part of your continuing success!


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March 17, 2015 6:25 pm
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