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Popsicle kisses and big bear hugs
Little red wagons and jars full of bugs
Grass stains
Football games
Lots of toys
Oh…the joys
Little boys!


Remember way back in the summer when Machado Photography posted the blog for Melanie & Dan’s pregnancy photos? I mentioned that you’d have to wait and see whether LilyAnne was going to have a new little sister or a new little brother….and the time has come for the big reveal!


It’s a BOY! Welcome to the world, Eldon! And now that he’s here and settled in, it was time for his first official photo shoot!

 There were several reasons that made Melanie & Dan’s home the obvious choice for location of the shoot.

 Firstly, Melanie is an interior designer…you just know that Eldon’s nursery is bound to be a thing of beauty!


Secondly, parents put all sorts of energy and planning into creating the perfect room for their new family member. After a few short years, most of those perfect rooms will be redone to accommodate the growing son or daughter’s tastes. It’s wonderful to have more than distant memories of that precious nursery; many years from now Melanie & Dan will be able to look back at the photos and see the hard work that they put into preparing for their new arrival! And Eldon will be able to see the lovely space where he spent his first cozy years!


Thirdly, sometimes new babies and young kids are happier to be at home in comfortable, familiar surroundings. Some children can become fussy and tired during their sessions and having favourite toys at hand can sure be helpful to get them in the mood to be in front of the camera! (I have to mention that this was NOT the case with Eldon & LilyAnne! They were as good as gold!)


I was absolutely correct about how wonderful the nursery would be; bright polka dots, happy colours, comfy chair…a perfect back drop for their photos. We didn’t limit ourselves to just Eldon’s room though; we also thought it would be cute to do some pics in LilyAnne’s room  and she was very happy to share her space with us! We moved around the house from one  immaculately decorated room to the next, finding lots of “scenes” ready to serve as settings for our photographs.


Congratulations to Melanie and Dan on making your awesome family even more awesome!

{Desiree & Dan’s Engagement Shoot}

Remember, we’re madly in love, so it’s all right to kiss me any time you feel like it.
              -Suzanne Collins


A beautiful autumn day in Waterloo Park for a beautiful engagement shoot!


Autumn is a very busy time of the year for Machado Photography; our clients seem to look forward to the colourful trees and falling leaves to enhance the background of their photos, whether for family portraits, weddings or engagement pictures. As you can see from Desiree & Dan’s session, there’s no question of why!


Desiree and Dan had known of each other, through mutual friends, for a long time before they actually met at a dance in Tavistock….and their meeting was obviously meant to be! They’re getting married in Jamaica in April 2015. Since their wedding pictures will be on some warm, wonderful tropical beach, it just makes sense to have their engagement photos in a very Canadian setting!


I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it; Waterloo park is a fantastic place to have a photo session. The variety of settings is just phenomenal, from the old school house to the train tracks to the boardwalk and, of course, the beautiful trees! As a photographer, I’d be hard-pressed to name a better location when it comes to an all-encompassing, one-stop photo location!


Between the various settings and the three outfit changes that Desiree & Dan brought along, the possibilities were endless! It’s almost like they got 3 separate shoots! The end result was so many perfect shots that they are going to have a difficult time narrowing down their favourites! As for me, I love when the unexpected happens…like the funny pictures with the duck that decided to become our new best friend! This pretty little feathered lady started out by following Becky around, then showed us her brazen side by approaching Desiree & Dan, obviously craving attention! Silly duck = fun photos!


Congratulations to the soon-to-be Mr & Mrs! Your warm and wonderful destination wedding is going to be amazing!
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November 1, 2014 6:19 pm
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