{Robyn & James’ Wedding}

Wherever you go, whatever you do, be in love.

Remember Robyn & James from their engagement shoot, not too long ago? They’re the wonderful couple who gave me beer and homemade gourmet pizza at their engagement shoot…pretty memorable! Well, now they are a Mr. & Mrs!

Their wedding day started with Robyn and her girls getting ready at her parents’ home and James and his fellas getting ready at his & Robyn’s apartment. I always love watching the interactions between the bride and her family and her bride’s maids on this emotional day. Sometimes advice is given, sometimes tears are shed but there’s always laughter! Machado Photography always manages to capture some wonderful memories on these pre-wedding mornings.

Once Robyn and the ladies were ready, we had a few spare minutes to take some photos in the backyard, as well as some using her Dad’s vintage mustang as a pretty amazing prop. (And speaking of pretty amazing, Robyn’s Dad made some fantastic chicken noodle soup for us! I like these people; they’re always feeding me!)

The ceremony and reception were held at the Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener; the venue is a photographer’s dream! The “first look” pictures turned out wonderfully against a background of weathered barn board in the Doon Village area. Also to our advantage were the heritage buildings, the farm animals….all made for interesting backdrops! We used the opportunity to take photos for their Thank You cards as well.

After the outdoor ceremony (with a train engine in the background!), Machado Photography incorporated as many of the Museum’s architectural features as possible to make the most of the wedding photos. The modern, colourful facade of the building and the train station were favourites!

Guests enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres, including oysters, hummus and sliders, then hit the dance floor to show off their moves. The groom’s brother was a fantastic swing dancer, so DJ Hank accommodated! DJ Hank, of Hank Stone Productions (www.hypnotisthankstone.com) was a blast to work with; he clearly loves his job and knows what the people want!

To all you future Brides & Grooms: take note of Robyn & James’ choice of venue. If you would like a variety of backdrops for your wedding pictures, choose a location that offers interesting choices. Another consideration is that by having their ceremony and reception in one place, we had extra “bonus time” to take photos. It’s not always possible to have both at the same location, but I’ve been a guest at weddings where the venues were 30 minutes apart…Machado Photography can take manywonderful pictures in 30 minutes! Plus, less traveling time on your big day means more time to enjoy the festivities!

Machado Photography would like to wish Robyn & James all the best in their long and happy future together! Thank you for inviting Mike & I to be part of your day!


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miriam.m-t says:

Fabulous, fun and funky pictures…you both look absolutely marvellous darlings!! Seriously what great pictures.
Love, miriam

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