{Sara & Brad’s Engagement Shoot}

“They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. This may be true, but I say a horse is a girl’s best friend.”   -unknown


And now for the story of the recent session Machado Photography had with Sara and Brad, their cute little pooch Buffy (yes, as in “the Vampire Slayer”!) and Mick, the amorous horse!


Ahhh, another beautiful day for an outdoor photoshoot! Mostly sunny and warm with just enough cloud in the sky so that the models don’t have to squint into each other’s eyes … or my lens!


My assistant Becky and I had a date with Sara & Brad to capture some memories! Sara & Brad will be getting married in July, so it was time to get some beautiful engagement pictures. We had a couple of locations planned for this lovely day, starting with the happy couple’s own home, then moving over to an amazing farm and stable called Cherry Lane in Morriston.


Cherry Lane is where Sara spends many enjoyable hours horseback riding, so her favourite horse Mick featured fairly prominently in our photos that day! The owners of the farm were fantastic folks, and they pretty much gave us free run of the place to take our pictures. There are some amazing settings at Cherry Lane and we took advantage of using as many as we could. The silo was stunning, the trails, the huge pond, the rolling fields…and of course, the stables and horses!


It was decided that having Sara’s best bronco buddy (ok, technically Mick is not a true bronco, as he’s very well behaved and perfectly trained, but the alliteration worked well!) would be a lot of fun, plus we’d taken some excellent photos with Buffy, so we went for it. As it turned out, Mick was very happy to be included in the photos. Very happy. And since this is a PG rated blog, I’ll just say that I now have a new editing skill to add to my extensive repertoire!


So, much laughter was laughed and many wonderful photos were taken and the day was an absolute success as you can see for yourself!


Stay tuned later this summer for Sara & Brad’s wedding pictures; Machado Photography is excited to be part of their big day….not as excited as Mick, but pretty excited!


Deb Robinson says:

Sara and Brad and Buffy and Mich the photos are absolutely beautiful!! I loved all of them and would certainly find it impossible to pick favourites!!! Can’t wait to see what Machado does for your wedding photos. They will be stunning judging by the engagement photos!!

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