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{Holly & Vince’s Engagement Shoot}

When I saw you I fell in love
And you smiled because you knew
                          -William Shakespeare


Holly & Vince came to this engagement shoot with a plan! They were prepared with a pup, props and great ideas to get the ball rolling when we arrived on location at  Waterloo Park.


 Some people are saying that including furry friends is a “trend”, but I don’t feel that way at all…I think pets are part of the family and should always be included! Oscar is a little scene stealer! Whether he was posing for pictures, holding his chalkboard sign or rolling around on a dead crow messing up his pristine white fur, Oscar managed to get a lot of our attention!


Once Oscar’s turn in front of the camera was done, he had some quality play time with my assistant/partner Mike while we continued our mission to get the perfect photos. Holly & Vince brought along the ampersand (you know, the “&” thingy!) and it was a great little prop for the pictures; I may have to get one for the Machado Photography prop box!


The chalkboards were handy for the save the date pics and for Oscar’s message, as well as for a quote that Holly & Vince picked out. At one point, we even managed to get a somewhat reluctant Holly up a tree! It’s obviously true love for these two because Vince got up there too! Great results, but I think they were a little more comfortable sitting on the tree trunk that was at ground level!


Waterloo Park is a great shoot location because there are so many different backgrounds all within one walkable area. We covered a lot of ground and it was worth it to get those beautiful pictures; on the  railway tracks (don’t try this at home, kids!), in the woods, a picnic area, by the gardens. There are so many backgrounds that it looks like we had several different shoots instead of just one!


May 2016 is going to be here more quickly than we think! Can’t wait for the big day!


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June 26, 2014 8:51 pm

{Danielle & Dale’s Engagement Shoot}

Love is fathomless; a unique emotion evoking unparalleled happiness.
                                 -Jen Roos


Do you remember the beautiful photos from Matt & Lindsay’s wedding way back in 2012:)
I guess Machado Photography made a great impression, because Matt’s sister Danielle and her fiancé Dale have asked us to capture the memories of their monumental event too!


I was really looking forward to getting together with Danielle & Dale to do their engagement photos. They’re living in Saskatoon but getting married here, so it was fantastic that we were able to co-ordinate schedules. They must be juggling a lot of things to get their wedding organized from 2800km away!


We chose the Kaufman Flats as the location for our shoot, which is a park with a short and sweet walking trail along the Grand River.  Nature at it’s finest!  It was the perfect place for the happy couple and their 2 furry friends to get used to being in front of my lens!


They cleverly brought their own props: log slices on which they’d written the info for their Save the Date cards, and the pups wore them as necklaces…(sites like Pinterest are a wealth of useful information to get these sorts of ideas…everyone planning a wedding should spend an hour or two….or 7!…just getting creatively inspired!). They also used clear side of the log slice to put the engagement ring on for a twist on the traditional ring photo.


In order to capture the fun personality of Danielle and Dale, we took a lot of candid shots of them just being them, laughing and joking around and log wrestling…you know, couple stuff! The results were exactly what we were hoping for! I think it’s going to be very hard for them to pick their favourites!


Some clients don’t think they need engagement pictures, but I strongly encourage every couple to have the session. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: it’s a bit like a practice run before the big day. The bride & groom are very busy on their wedding day and there isn’t enough time to try each set up from every vantage point. The engagement shoot gives us a chance to get the couple comfortable with being the center of attention and helps Machado Photography figure out how to get the best and most flattering angles of the couple in front of our camera. So don’t forgo the engagement shoot!


Plus, look how much fun it is! Just ask Dale and Danielle!
Looking forward to being part of their big day in September!
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June 20, 2014 5:27 pm

{Sara & Brad’s Engagement Shoot}

“They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. This may be true, but I say a horse is a girl’s best friend.”   -unknown


And now for the story of the recent session Machado Photography had with Sara and Brad, their cute little pooch Buffy (yes, as in “the Vampire Slayer”!) and Mick, the amorous horse!


Ahhh, another beautiful day for an outdoor photoshoot! Mostly sunny and warm with just enough cloud in the sky so that the models don’t have to squint into each other’s eyes … or my lens!


My assistant Becky and I had a date with Sara & Brad to capture some memories! Sara & Brad will be getting married in July, so it was time to get some beautiful engagement pictures. We had a couple of locations planned for this lovely day, starting with the happy couple’s own home, then moving over to an amazing farm and stable called Cherry Lane in Morriston.


Cherry Lane is where Sara spends many enjoyable hours horseback riding, so her favourite horse Mick featured fairly prominently in our photos that day! The owners of the farm were fantastic folks, and they pretty much gave us free run of the place to take our pictures. There are some amazing settings at Cherry Lane and we took advantage of using as many as we could. The silo was stunning, the trails, the huge pond, the rolling fields…and of course, the stables and horses!


It was decided that having Sara’s best bronco buddy (ok, technically Mick is not a true bronco, as he’s very well behaved and perfectly trained, but the alliteration worked well!) would be a lot of fun, plus we’d taken some excellent photos with Buffy, so we went for it. As it turned out, Mick was very happy to be included in the photos. Very happy. And since this is a PG rated blog, I’ll just say that I now have a new editing skill to add to my extensive repertoire!


So, much laughter was laughed and many wonderful photos were taken and the day was an absolute success as you can see for yourself!


Stay tuned later this summer for Sara & Brad’s wedding pictures; Machado Photography is excited to be part of their big day….not as excited as Mick, but pretty excited!


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June 4, 2014 5:35 pm
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