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{The Gooding’s Growing Family}

The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.

                                                              ~Cali Rae Turner


LilyAnne can not wait to meet her new baby brother! It won’t be long now, either…just a few more short weeks and she’ll be a Big Sister!


I’ve known Melanie for a long time (we work in the same building), and Machado Photography did the photo shoot when she and her husband Dan were expecting LilyAnne, so it’s interesting to see how she and Dan have changed since they became parents the first time!


For this photo session, we went out to the Huron Natural Area. It’s a beautiful conservation area on Trillium Drive, with lots of walking trails, a small lake with a dock, a few little bridges and lots of lovely green space! It’s beauty also makes it a popular place for photos; there was a wedding party getting their pictures done too! Luckily, there’s so much perfect space that there’s plenty of room for everybody and there’s no need to compete for “the good spots”!


Once we got started, it was quickly realized who the little star of this shoot was going to be! LilyAnne had us in stitches the whole time. Her Mommy had been helping her practice her smiles and poses and she was more than ready for my camera! She has a pretty fantastic way with words, like when Dan tried to pick her up by her arms and she dramatically called out “Daddy, you don’t have to break my arms!” What a little ham!


I love the way the pictures of her holding the chalkboard turned out, they’re just adorable! She was full of giggles and smiles the whole day … accept when it came time to try and get some pictures of Melanie and Dan alone! Poor LilyAnne just wanted to be in on the fun, so she was a little pouty about being left out for a few minutes, but even that was pretty cute and funny! What 4 year old wants to be left out of all of the fun and excitement?


Whether I was watching through my camera lens or when we were walking around the trails to find our next photo spot, I couldn’t help but find this family’s happiness contagious! Their excitement and anticipation for their growing family is so apparent in person and on film!


Machado Photography wishes Dan and Melanie huge congratulations on your impending arrival  and all the best to LilyAnne for the future adventures that she’ll have with her new little brother!

Stay tuned for the big reveal of Baby Brother’s name and first photo session!


{Here’s a few shots from the first photo-shoot when Melanie & Dan were expecting LilyAnne} web1_n web 2n web3

{Awaiting for the newest member of the family}

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May 30, 2014 4:13 pm
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