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{Tiffany & Tyler}

“You’ll be his first kiss, his first love, his first friend; You are his mother and he is your whole world. He is your little boy.” -unknown


You may remember Tiffany & Tyler from previous blogs I’ve posted; I’ve been lucky enough to have done other photo shoots with them in the past (remember “Cake Smash”?  -there’s a reminder in case you’ve forgotten!). This time we did a “Mommy & Me” set of pictures. Mothers and sons have such a special bond!


As you can see, Tyler is an adorable, photogenic, happy little boy and the pictures turned out wonderfully! There are so many great ones, it will be hard for his parents to choose their favourites!


But aside from the obviously perfect subjects of this photoshoot, there are some other notable things that I need to discuss for blogging purposes! After all, part of the reason for this blog is to give Machado Photography’s clients tips and pointers and ideas.


First point to note:
As I mentioned, this is not the first time I’ve photographed Tiffany, Richard & Tyler. They did a brilliant thing by pre-booking 3 separate shoots.


Life is busy….life with a toddler is REALLY busy! And those little ones grow so fast. One minute they’re little bundles of warmth swaddled in a blanket, the next they’re smiling and showing off their developing personality….then suddenly they’re walking and talking! They change so much in such a short period of time! It’s really easy for a busy parent to get distracted from doing things like booking an appointment to get photos done, then suddenly their baby is a pre-schooler.


By pre-booking, Tiffany & Richard made sure that they will make the time to record these adorable images of Tyler that will last forever!


Second point to ponder:
Notice the fantastic props in this shoot? The blocks, the books, the beautiful blue chair? These are things that are important to this family; Grandpa made that beautiful chair! Tyler loves that book! Tiffany brought them with her, and they help make the photos so much more personal. Machado Photography has a great selection of props that you can use, but when folks bring their own, it can make their shoot even more special. Favourite toys, outfits, books, games….don’t be shy! Bring them along and we’ll incorporate them! And if your little one is camera shy, having their own toys can make them more comfortable, which makes for sweeter pictures.


Third point to consider:
It’s been mentioned in the past, but it bears repeating: think about location! You aren’t committed to just one space for your photoshoot. Whether we’re coming to you or you’re coming to the studio, we can do more than one setting so that your photos have more diversity. Something as simple as going from indoors to outdoors can create a completely different feel for your pictures.
 For this particular shoot, we did some in studio, then decided to head outside and play in the fresh air and snow…see Tyler’s rosy cheeks? Too cute!


There you are! Not only do you get to see cute pictures, you get a few pointers to help you plan your next photo session with Machado Photography!


And I’m looking forward to Tiffany, Richard & Tyler’s next visit!
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March 5, 2014 5:04 pm
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