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YUM! Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

With the “pizzaiolo’s” (pizza chefs) throwing hand-stretched doughs in the air, and pulling pizzas out of our imported fire oven, we set a mood that cannot be duplicated….High end Italian coffee, pizza, and ice cream under one roof, does it get any better?
-from the Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria website

I have been drooling over the “coming soon” posters in the windows at 15 King St South in Waterloo for quite some time now…I knew that the Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria would be opening soon, and my inner foodie was really looking forward to it!

I was ecstatic when Machado Photography got an email from Stuart Karol, Famoso’s Marketing  Coordinator, asking if we would be interested in shooting the VIP grand opening on Sunday, Febraury 16th.


It’s been awesome working with with Ray Ho, Marketing and Communications  Manager and Kelly Farraj, Vice President – Eastern Canada. They are the nicest guys!

I was not disappointed when we walked into the Famoso Pizzeria; it was modernized and old world charming, casual and upscale all at the same time! The buzz-word for Famoso is Authentic, and everything certainly fits the bill!

I learned a lot about what the Famoso brand name stands for: authentically trained pizzaiolos tossing the dough (no rolling pins allowed!), tomatoes and Caputo flour imported from Italy, cheese called “fior-di-latte” that was invented in Italy and, of course, the center piece of the restaurant…the imported bell-shaped fire oven that reaches temperatures of 900 degrees and cooks your pizza in 90 seconds! It is all old-world and authentic. You can taste the difference, and it’s incomparable!

The menu is authentically Italian, from the Caprese and Napoli salads, award winning Tomato Bisque, the Margherita and Vesuvio pizzas, Italian sodas, an extensive wine list, and many delicious Flavors of Fiasco Gelato! They also offer an amazing dessert called Affogato, which is espresso over a scoop of Fiasco Gelato…a must try!

But you don’t have to take my word for it, you can see from the looks on the faces of all of the happy customers from the VIP night! As I made the rounds taking photos, everyone was raving about the delicious food and fantastic atmosphere. You might recognize some of the faces in the pictures of this By Invitation event; MP Peter Braid was there, Patti Brooks (from the BIA) was there, Michelle Stevens & Alf Ens from the Waterloo Chronicle, and Justin Lussier…the man who was inspired by his trip to Italy and Naples to start the first Famoso Pizzeria.  A marvelous evening was had by all!

Congratulations to Patrick & Ryan and all of their staff; Machado Photography extends a warm welcome to Uptown Waterloo and I look forward to many more delicious meals at Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (actually, I already have a date dine there this week with friends)!


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