{Melissa, David, & Sebastian}

There are lives I can imagine without children but none of them have the same laughter & noise.”  
―     Brian Andreas


Machado Photography has spent a lot of time documenting the lives of this extended family! I used to work with Melissa’s Aunt Brenda, and as a result, I’ve been there to capture Klooster Family reunions, to photograph weddings, to take baby pictures….I’m pretty sure that I’m an honorary family member!


I really enjoyed working with Melissa, David and Sebastian when I was photographing a “Baby’s First Year” calendar of Sebastian, so I was excited to get them back in front of the camera, outside of the studio. We booked it for a beautiful fall day at St Jacob’s Millrace, and par for the course, the weather co-operated perfectly!


Strolling through the lovely wooded trails with the changing leaves, perching on fallen trees, allowing Sebastian to investigate his surroundings (including those fascinating pinecones!); it all makes for fun and candid photos.


Hopefully we can make this an annual photo shoot. It would be really interesting to go back to the same bridge, the same pathway year after year, using similar poses from some of our favourite pictures so that we can document both the changing family and the changing surroundings. It’s never too soon to plan ahead!


Here are some of Sebastian’s First Year Photos:)
_DSC7917 _DSC8027 _DSC8128 _DSC3493 _DSC6134
Strolling through the lovely wooded trails!
_TRH0028 _TRH0009 _TRH0187_TRH9941 _TRH0067_TRH0159black and white
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