{Vanessa & Zack’s Engagement Shoot}

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.”
― Bill Wilson


Another perfect fall day for a photo shoot! Mother Nature must have an appreciation for beautiful photography, because I always seem to luck out with such amazing weather!


Becky and I met up with Vanessa and Zack at the Kaufman Flats, a very versatile and captivating forested setting for their engagement shoot. And they brought Chloe; I always love working with pets in family sessions, they usually add some comic relief and lighten the mood! Obviously, pets are family too!


Vanessa came armed with some specific imagery that she and Zack wanted to emulate, which is great. It gave me an idea of what look they wanted to achieve with their pictures, and it gave us a starting point to work from.


Everyone has an image in their mind of how they want their pictures to turn out. There’s no better way to make sure your photographer is on the same page as you than by bringing along some examples. Some photographers don’t like their clients to do this, they feel that it stymies their creativity, but I don’t mind at all! It just suggests a style and certain elements that I can keep in mind during the session. It can be an added challenge…and Machado Photography is always up to a challenge!


We definitely got the pictures that they requested:)


One other thing to note: Vanessa wore a beautiful bright yellow coat for some of her pictures. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colours for your shoot! Don’t feel like you should wear black or white or other neutrals for all of your pictures; bring along something to wear that reflects your personality! There’s certainly nothing wrong with neutrals, but feel free to switch it up!


Congratulations Vanessa & Zack! Looking forward to your wedding next year!
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