Where does the time go?


When Sierra got in touch with me to help her build up her portfolio so that she could apply to Sutherland Modelling Agency in Toronto, all I could think of was “Isn’t she still a kid?”


I’ve know Sierra since she was 9 years old! I used to braid her hair! ( and I used to date her cousin…but that’s a whole different blog!)


For this shoot it wasn’t going to be me doing Sierra’s hair; we had the privilege of professional hair and make up artist MacKenzie Casey from Toronto, who came to Waterloo to work her magic. It was a definite asset for a shoot that included head shots, natural photos, dramatic pictures and editorial images, each needing a very different hair & makeup.


Sierra is an awesome model; she was amazing at taking suggestions and directions and running with them. We were able to create a very well rounded, extremely professional portfolio that showed of her versatility.


Based on these portraits, Sierra should have no problem getting hired by any modelling agency she wants to have represent her!


Can’t wait to see you in the fashion magazines, Sierra!


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