{Ready For Any Occasion}

“Opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared.” 
George S. Clason


Machado Photography does, among other things, portfolios, head shots and portraits. I often get emails from clients who need a new, professional picture for their on-line profile or their business card; it’s all in a day’s work. But Debra came to me with a different request.


Debra is a business woman with a lot on her schedule! Aside from co-owning (with her hubby Carl) both FAB Favourite Accessory Boutique and Twice is Nice Twice the Man consignment store, she is currently in the midst of gutting and completely renovating the house she grew up in. There isn’t a lot of free time on her calendar!


Not only are Deb’s businesses frequently featured in newspaper and magazine articles, but there’s a lot of advertising that goes along with running 2 businesses, too. That’s where Machado Photography and an element of preparedness comes in.


Debra booked a session with me so that we could put together a wide range of photos that she can have ready for any occasion. If a magazine wants to do a feature on her, she doesn’t have to squeeze a photo session with their photographer into her busy schedule; she just goes to the portraits that Machado Photography did and chooses an appropriate one (an image that she loves) that she can give them to use. It’s as easy as that!


When it’s time for the FAB Christmas ads, she has the photos all ready to go…just pick one and build the ad around it. Same for her Valentine’s ad, Spring ad and so on and so on. In a couple of hours we shot enough images, styles and arrangements to cover all of the bases for at least 6 months of print work. Now if there’s a feature to be done about Debra and one of her stores, she can save a lot of time and energy because she planned ahead.


And because of the wide range of images I took, she has some great shots of herself just for fun, too!


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