{Ferreira Family Photos}

I’d rather sit alone on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.

Henry David Thoreau

*And I would rather be in a pumpkin patch, crowded with family, than alone OR on a crowded velvet cushion!!!


A pumpkin patch is such a wonderful place to be; nothing beats the crisp autumn-ness of a day on the farm! The huge and fun-filled Shantz Family Farm was the perfect setting for the Ferreira Family photo shoot!


As if my assistant Shannon and I weren’t excited enough imagining the potential creativity for the day ahead, we arrived on the farm to find a thick fog settled across the pumpkin patch…spooky! What an amazing photo opportunity! We went straight to work  to make sure we got those shots in the foggy field before the sun came out and chased the ambiance away.


We had a lot of action lined up for the morning, and with a group that big, it takes a lot more shots than usual to make sure we get those perfect portraits. With a dozen people, there’s a higher likeliness that someone will be blinking or not smiling or talking or distracted when I press the shutter; that amounts to at least 5 times as many pictures for me to take!


As part of the Ferreira session, we planned to spend time with each individual family, get the kids together for some photos (we found some great wooden chairs that made perfect props!), get some shots of the grandparents with their grandkids, get portraits of all of the ladies and pictures of all of the fellas….mission accomplished! It’s amazing what you can do when you’re determined!


Machado Photography is happy to offer up suggestions for scenic places to go for your next photo shoot, but we’re always interested when you have interesting locations already picked out. Don’t be shy about asking us to come out to a place that you love or that has sentimental attachment for you. Think outside the box; it will make your photo session even more personal!
{My Assistant Shannon @ The Ferreira Family Shoot}
I always join in on the fun! In the beginning of the photo-shoot I’m a photographer, by the end of the shoot I feel like I’m part of the family:)
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