{The Schierholtz Family}

Remember Val, Curtis and baby Ben from my blog about babies? They’re back!


When Shannon & Jeff got married, Shannon gave her bridesmaids the gift of memories…each received a Machado Photography Gift Certificate; a great gift idea that I never even thought of!


So arrangements were made for a family shoot at Woodside Historical Site, on what turned out to be an overcast autumn morning. Fortunatly, an overcast sky without any rain is perfect for an outdoor photo shoot; no squinting! And the bright, colourful leaves that carpeted the ground more than made up for the lack of brightness from the sun!


Woodside is a lovely location for a shoot; from the beautiful trees to the Victorian home of William Lyon MacKenzie King, it offers a multitude of background options.


Baby Ben was once again a joy to shoot; look at those amazing facial expressions! He’s adorable!


How can a family photo shoot be complete unless we include the family pet? Joey was included this time and good thing; not long into the session, Joey perked right up and drew our attention to someone sneaking up behind me…a friendly and very curious raccoon! The little critter waddled towards us, completely unconcerned by our presence, just wondering what we were up to! He hung around long enough for me to take his picture and then he ambled off on his merry way!


As much as I love animals and encourage folks to let their pets be part of the photo shoot, I have to admit that dogs are much easier to work with than cats. In all fairness, we tried to bring the feline family member into some pictures, but even a professional photographer like me can’t make a cat smile if she doesn’t want to!


Our timing was impeccable that morning; just as we finished the session, the skies let loose a downpour! Once again, mother nature was on my side for an outdoor shoot!


A rainy afternoon was a perfect excuse for me to hunker down in front of the computer and get editing; by working hard Saturday and most of Sunday, I managed to get through the editing of over 540 images for Val, Curtis and Ben. I know that people are anxious to see results, so I’m always happy that I can get to the perfect final products in record time, without sacrificing any of the creativity or quality of my work. And the fact that I do all  of my own editing always means that the images are to my exacting standards, and all Machado Photography clients are thrilled when they get their finished portraits.


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