First impressions matter and your cover photo sends a strong message about who you are. Make sure you have a professional looking photo to compliment your profile. Avoid any casual circumstance pictures from a party, wedding or any other group shots for that matter. And the worst thing you can do is have no cover photo at all which screams you don’t care about your profile and professional appearance.”
-from “5 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible” By  

This is the age of technology. Using online forums such as LinkedIn to get yourself out there for job searches and to make business contacts is pretty much the industry standard and online profiles are not optional, they are required. This creates an interesting situation for many job-seekers, as studies have shown that a business profile with a photo is SEVEN TIMES more likely to be viewed by potential employers than a profile without a photo.

Take a second to look into it; go online and search “Should I include a photo on my business profile?” The answer may surprise you, but it doesn’t surprise me. Machado Photography has been getting more and more requests for professional head shots. Everyone knows that models and actors need a portfolio, but nowadays, so does anyone else looking to move up in their career.

If you took a moment do the search I mentioned, you’ll see all sorts of articles about the biggest mistakes that you can make when choosing which photo to use, as well as the mantra “use a professional photo” repeated in every article. Sites such as LinkedIn are your access to professional contacts and potential employers; think of your photo as how you would represent yourself at a job interview.

On the other hand, we do believe it’s important to let yourself come out of the photos. You can still have fun and creative looking professional head shots. 

When Latif came to Machado Photography for his head shot portfolio, we did the job right! We encouraged Latif to bring a few changes of clothes and we used a few different settings to mix things up. The end result is a great variation of moods created, from serious to more casual, but all very professional looking. He now has a wide variety of portraits to choose from; he can update his photo on his profiles depending on the situation. He can use the pictures on his business cards as well. 

Invest in professional shots, a minimal investment that will reap maximum rewards. Contact Machado Photography today to set up your appointment.






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