{Frenzi – 1st Annual Cut-A-Thon for HopeSpring Cancer Support}

One of the greatest things about being my own boss is that I get asked to donate my time and talent to some wonderful causes that I truly believe in.
One of the causes that I’m passionate about is fundraising for cancer charities.

On February 12, 2012, my Grandmother, Sandy Machado, passed away at the age of 76 after a long and valiant battle against lung cancer.  Although she was a nurse (and a fantastic one at that), her vice was smoking, at a time when pretty much everyone smoked. When I was in high school, I convinced her to take on babysitting my guidance counselor’s son, knowing that if she had a little one around she would have to give up the smoking. It worked, but years of her habit had already done damage. My Grandmother essentially raised me, she’s the one who encouraged me to pursue my dreams. If not for her, I would not be the person I am today. I think of her and miss her every day.

That’s part of the reason that I jumped at the chance when the wonderful team at Frenzi asked me to come out and document their 1st Annual Cut-A-Thon for HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre  fundraiser (more like FUN-raiser with that group!).

The supporters came out in droves, making generous donations to the cause in exchange for stylin’ haircuts! Folks came for everything from just a little trim to full-blown-chop-it-all-off cuts! One client even had her 14 inch braids dramatically cut off; that’s what I call a makeover!

I think having an amazing DJ from DazzleDynasty Music Entertainment helped draw people in, too! Perfect sounds to go with the action!
By the end of the event, the team raised $1200 for Hopespring Cancer Support Center, plus the staff decided to donate all of their tips (over $300) to the Pediatric Oncology Center at McMaster. Amazing!
Thanks to Frenzi for asking me to be part of this awesome event, and thanks for my gorgeous new haircut!


{ In Memory of My Grandma Sandy<3 }
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