{Babies} Ana & Ben

“There’s really nothing quite so sweet
as tiny little baby’s feet.”
                          -author unknown


I freely admit to being one of those people who melts every time there’s a baby in the room! Those teeny toes, wrinkled little fingers, dimpled elbows and knees, chubby cheeks, long eyelashes, pursed lips…awwww! I can’t help it!


Any parent will tell you that those baby months fly by; before long it’s first tooth, first word, first steps,  first birthday…and then it’s hard to imagine that your child was ever tiny enough to fit into that adorable baby outfit that you picked out especially for their trip home from the hospital. And when you’re all weepy sending your little one off for his first day of school, you’ll be nostalgic for those first months. Won’t you be glad you have all of those beautiful pictures from their first photo session?


Most parents take lots of snapshots, but there’s definitely a difference with professional photography. I love to get the close-up details of those toes, of that button nose! I love capturing the emotion and the love of the new parents with their little one. I love sleeping babies, smiling babies, pouting babies and you can’t discount crying babies! They all cry, and I’ve gotten some sweet photos of a baby with a giant tear rolling down her cheek!


I’ve learned a lot of little tricks over the years to get the best out of baby’s photo session: how to make them smile, how to make them comfy, how keeping them cozy and warm will make them instantly sleepy!  I encourage folks to bring a favourite outfit or 2, baby’s cutest toy, essential blankie or any other special accessories they’d like to incorporate. Parents can find a treasure trove of cute knit hats and tutus on Etsy! We do have a great selection of props in studio (see the awesome squirrel and tree trunk below!) but it’s nice to include personal memories too!


  And if you know an expectant mom, a photo session makes an amazing baby shower gift! It’s a gift that will literally last a lifetime! That’s what Shannon Thompson and Lancaster Smokehouse did for Sonya and Val. Check out newborns Ana & Ben:)

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