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Michelle & Zolt’s Wedding {Getting Ready}

There’s no way around it; most weddings require months of planning, a lot of organizing and an immense amount of work! My job is to capture the day so that the lucky couple can look back and remember how wonderful the end results were and hopefully forget the stress it took to get there!

The pictures that end up framed for display are touching moments that take place in a beautiful ceremony or the pictures taken of the couple (with or without their wedding party) in that block of time specifically set aside to let them play super model-center of the universe for my camera! Or sometimes it’s the image of their first dance or of everyone having an amazing time at the meticulously planned reception….but you know what I love? I love the chaos on the morning-of!

The mini-makeovers of the bride and her bridal party, the flower girls, the mother-of-the-bride as they get pampered; hair styled, make-up applied, girl talk, last minute jitters, the craziness of getting to the ceremony on time! And the guys have some great pre-wedding, photo-friendly rituals too! Sometimes it’s hanging out, just guy-talking, sometimes it’s a round of golf or a quick game of basketball or a big healthy breakfast to help them get through the busy day ahead! It’s a block of time that some couples don’t think needs to be documented, but I think that it’s a great chance to get some candid and wonderful shots!

Chaos was on the menu in the early morning hours of Michelle & Zolt’s wedding on July 13th 2013
While Zolt and his guys (including his & Michelle’s son Jackson) went off to Cora’s in Uptown Waterloo for a hardy breakfast, I accompanied Michelle and the girls to The Strand Salon, right across the parking lot in the Atrium, for their pampering session. While the stylists worked their magic making the beautiful people even more beautiful, I tried to stay out of the way while documenting everything.

I captured some very sweet and fun moments with the kids, including Michelle & Zolt’s adorable daughter Olivia. The kids had so much fun practicing doing everyone’s hair and getting their own hair done! I think that the excitement of the coming events added a glow and an extra sparkle in the eyes of everyone involved, especially Michelle! She was absolutely stunning, and the pictures I took during the getting-ready are definitely “frame-worthy!”

Michelle’s sister Cheri offered up her gorgeous home as the place for the girls to finish getting ready, and we have more amazing pictures from there, including some very glamorous shots of the bridal party.

When everyone was ready, Zolt arrived with the groomsmen at Cheri’s and all the girls walked down the curving stairway. First was Olivia, she was adorable when she saw Zolt she had said “Hi Daddy! I’m a princess”. He walked to the top of the stairs to get her. Michelle made her dramatic & grand reveal …it was just like the movies! Magical & timeless:) ….More of Michelle & Zolt’s wedding to be continued.

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July 18, 2013 10:39 pm

Best Friends!

“Goofy pictures and crazy times,

Sisters at heart and partners in crime…”

Sydnee and Annika have been friends for a very long time. They came to me looking for some fun and crazy photos so that some day they can reminisce and “remember when”…I think that mission is accomplished!
We had multiple costume changes, plus we mixed up the venues a little with some shots in studio and some in the urban alley-way behind my studio to make things more interesting. The definite high-point of this photo shoot was letting the girls get creative with paint. They painted themselves and each other with every colour of the rainbow, resulting in funny pics and impressive artistic pics.
Sydnee’s mom and sister stepped up for a few poses, so we had some more good laughs (in some of the pictures on the couch it’s hard to tell whose legs are whose!).
All in all, it was a laugh-filled day that they will definitely think back on fondly! I’m glad that I was able to be the one to help them capture their memories!

“A picture is worth a thousand words.
But a picture with your best friend is worth a thousand inside jokes.”

– Arnelle Baptista

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July 13, 2013 1:53 am

Rene & Tricia’s Wedding – May 11th 2013

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings and I’ve learned that it’s very important to HAVE FUN! It’s your chance to do what you want and to do it how you want to do it. Life’s too short to wonder what other people will think of how you choose to spend one of the most important days of your life! Be present in the moment and take it all in. Make your day PERSONAL! If your wedding reflects who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple, you will have a blast and so will your guests!

I am so often impressed by the creativity of the couples that I am asked to photograph, and when I see that they are thinking outside the box, I know that we can have an amazing shoot that will turn out interesting and unique and FUN!
I met Tricia when we were both working at Erin & Allan’s wedding (see November 2012 of this blog!); she was the hairstylist for the girls. Tricia and Rene had recently gotten engaged and they were seeking a creative photographer for their big day in May 2013. After she saw the pictures from Erin & Allan’s wedding, she signed me up!
They had a peacock theme going, which I thought was awesome (beautiful colours to work with), and Tricia wore an elegant vintage gown. The girls got ready at the maid of honour’s home in Kitchener before the ceremony at St Anne’s Parish. And here comes the big, brilliant, creative idea….photos in a comic book store!!! Rene loves comic books, so the bridal party headed over to Retro Rocket Comics in Cambridge and we had an absolute ball! How many brides get to have their picture taken with the Incredible Hulk? (And how many grooms get to SEE their bride with the Incredible Hulk?!?) The pictures have so much personality and absolutely reflect the couple’s love of vintage/retro and comics and their awesome sense of humour!
After the “comic”al relief (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun there!), we did more photos at Southworks. It wasn’t exactly sunbathing weather, but we spotted two shirtless fellows doing just that down by the river! Tricia went with the flow and I cought some more amusing pictures of her going to find out what on earth they were up to. (Perfectly logical explanation: they were doing a school project and they needed to time how long it would take for their bucket of ice to melt. Obviously!)
The reception was at The Walper Terrace, and as you can see there was even more fun and creativity! I think it’s safe to assume that this was a wedding where not only did everyone have a marvelous time, but a memorable time as well!
Congratulations to the bride & groom and thank you for letting me commemorate your day!
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July 8, 2013 2:02 am

Brad & Megan’s Wedding – April 27th 2013

I was ecstatic to be asked to photograph Megan & Brad’s spring wedding, because I have a special connection to the bride; we grew up as neighbours in Forest Heights and I’ve known her family for a long time. I have so many fond memories of our childhood adventures!  It was an honour to be able to take part in their day.

Megan & Brad were a joy to photograph; their smiles and laughter were infectious, and we had so much fun! As you can tell by the theme of their wedding, they are vibrant and happy people and I made sure that came across in their pictures by making sure there wasn’t any “posing”! They are naturals!
The ring bearer Aiden and their flower girl Bella were so adorable! What little girl doesn’t love sparkly shoes! I’d love to have those sneakers in my size! They had a blast running around and hamming it up for me and my camera.
The culmination of their months of meticulous planning led to an amazing wedding that perfectly reflected their style, their sense of humour and their sense of fun! 
I was enthralled by all of the little details that they thought of. They wrote out the story of how they met to share with their guests. They created little signs with clever quotes for everything from the bar to a big jar of lollipops. And I was very impressed with the way they integrated the bright and beautiful colour theme through different elements including Megan’s funky shoes, the cheerfully coloured cake & cupcakes and a wonderful candy & sweets table! Yum! 
One clever idea that they had was for the table numbers; they asked their guests at table 1 to write down sentiments that would be sealed up to be opened on their first anniversary, table 2 to write to them for their second anniversary and so on….what an amazing way to remember the joy of your wedding for years to come. They thought of everything to make the day complete!
 Thank you Megan & Brad for letting me preserve the memories of your special day and join in the festivities too!







































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July 3, 2013 1:16 pm
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