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Thomas Family Photos

There are many differing styles of photography and most photographers have a stand-out favourite style; traditional, formal, candid…. I wouldn’t be able to choose my favourite since photography is my world and I like to mix things up a little!

I had an amazing session with the Wheeldon/Zister family in June that incorporated several styles that all worked together to make for an awesome family album!

I’ve known Lorraine and Gary for a few years, and when they wanted family pictures (in part to commemorate their son Ben’s visit home from the UK, in part because their daughter Leah and her husband Bill have such gorgeous children! ), the Wheeldon’s beautiful home was the perfect setting! The portraits reflect how ideal this situation was for everyone! 

We tried some formal pictures that turned out lovely, but then we tried some let-loose-have-fun-pretend-I’m-not-watching pictures that reflected real life ! Sweet Charlie & adorable Liam were able to run wild and have fun while I was able to snap away and catch them in their natural surroundings. Everyone was laughing and having a great time, often oblivious to the camera. I was able to capture so many moments of pure joy!

Some moments that I would never have gotten in a formal studio setting turned out to be favourites; we love the photo of Bill helping Charlie with her shoes. The picture of Leah doing Charlie’s hair. Uncle Ben entertaining Liam. Charlie burying her face in Nan’s shoulder. It’s a peek into everyday life with little ones!

We managed to get everything we could have wanted from this shoot: traditional pictures of the family and some beautiful candids of Charlie snacking, of Liam in tears with his Grandad, of Spanky the dog rolling around on the floor with the kids!

The shoot could not have turned out more perfectly!





























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June 28, 2013 7:11 pm

{Kaster Family Photos}

I’ve worked with Sarah D lots of times in the past. She has done some incredible work with me as a make-up artist and as a model. A few years ago I did family photos for Sarah at her beautiful home in Plattsville; Sarah, her husband Shawn and their 3 great kids, Mitchell, Maddy & Aaron as well as her sister-in-law and her family. One of the things I love is watching families grow up and this was sure a case of that. Her kids have grown so much, Aaron is even taller than me now! (not that it takes that much…lol)

Sarah asked me to do another family shoot for her this spring, this time with four generations of her family! Sarah’s  parents property was beautiful! Everything there was just perfect and we had lots and lots of awesome places all over the property to choose from for photos. We gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon at the end of May were Sarah’s Grandparents, her parents and her brother and sister and their families.

Becky and I had such a totally fun afternoon it barely felt like work, especially since they insisted on us sharing in their BBQ after the shoot. Her grandparents are completely adorable. They are still in love and completely smitten with each other after so many years of marriage. We did all the pictures with them first so we wouldn’t wear them out too much and then they spent the rest of the time sitting side by side, enjoying the sun and having all their family around them. You could just look at them and think how wonderful it would be to have what they do.

Sarah’s parents are fun and spirited…her dad is not too shy to give his wife a little love pat on the behind as she walks past…so cute!! He seemed to really take a lot of pride in his home and was very happy to let us use whatever we wanted for the shoot; his vintage truck, his vintage car and even some fun shots of “the boys” right in his workshop. Of course with that many boys around I ended up trying to show off my mad basketball skills and Becky had to dodge more than a few stray shots to protect the camera gear… It’s such a privilege to get to share in special family times like these. I don’t know if anything else we do is more rewarding!:)
















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June 21, 2013 10:05 pm

Michelle and Zolt’s Engagement Shoot – 1 June 2013

A shoot that almost didn’t happen turned into a couple of hours of fun on the Millrace footpath, a portion of the Trans Canada Trail that runs alongside the Conestogo River in St. Jacobs. The forecast for the afternoon was rain, rain, lots of humidity, and more rain. But Michelle and Zolt, and their two

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June 11, 2013 2:18 am
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