{A Love of Lamps & A Love of Antiques} More Importantly A Love for Each Other

Debra, a close friend of mine had asked me to go and take photos of her mother and fathers home to record their memories. Her mother had passed away recently and her father a few years ago. Now, her and the family are going through the home figuring out where the belongings should go.

The impression when I walked in was “WOW” there are a lot of things in here! There were plenty of antiques in the house and I have never seen so many lamps in my life! I went through and took photos of all of the personal belongings that they have collected throughout the years. I also noticed her mothers love for pink, she had pink memorabilia everywhere! You could also see in the house that they had a ton of love for each other, and in their personal belongings it felt like they had a lasting connection.

I believe that this is a great way to record somebody’s life that has passed away. I think that more people should consider doing this so you have a keepsake afterwards and can cherish those memories forever.


lovely pics, tiffany! what a great idea to preserve the memories when keeping all of the “stuff” just isn’t an option.

Can’t wait to see the finished book. You’ve captured the lighting perfectly!

Thanks Deb! It’s going to look beautiful!!! Can’t wait:)

Thanks for making the memories come alive Tiffany

No Problem Jim! I’m really happy to be apart of it all:)

That really cartepus the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

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